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  • overseas
    06-07 10:12 PM
    As such there is no requirement on the time limit. But generally the supporting documents include 3-6 months latest statements of savings account. As per general advice the account balance should be atleast 5K per person (so if you are applying visitor visa for 2 persons it is 10K).

    I recently applied visitor visa for my in-laws and they got the visa. I gave 4 months of latest bank statements. The visa officer didn't check any supporting documents as such but they did ask from when your daughter and son-in-law are staying in USA?

    So bottom line is if it is necessary you can try your luck, else wait for few more months.

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  • akhilmahajan
    05-24 07:49 AM
    U r absolutely right........ i have heard ppl saying they are willing to transfer H-1B's but they say they wont process GC............. This is just un believable.......... I guess the whole idea is to recycle ppl after every 6 years..........


    Last 3-4 years after India and Chinese economy started booming I have seen that many Indian companies (Infy/wipro/pcs) do not apply for Green Cards for all thier US employees. They file GCs for KEY employees and marketing guys.
    Most of the Software engineers work for 3,4,5 years and go back.
    I recently read somewhere that Infy/wipro although applied for 20K H1 visas only applied for less than 100 GC last year.

    Have you seen this trend?

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  • sixburgh
    07-07 12:46 PM
    Goto VFS india website at
    They are responsible for appointments.
    They have complete information.

    Your parents can get a passport extended here too.
    Check India consulate website about where you can mail the application where your parents are here

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  • samswas
    05-31 01:52 PM
    Can I send my daughter to India for an year without having reentry permit?(she has greencard) (or) what is the maximum period children can stay out of US after getting greencard?

    This is what USCIS says -

    If you are outside the U.S. for more than 12 months, you will need to show additional Documentation to re-enter the U.S. as a permanent resident

    see the attached PDF, page 9


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  • sparky63
    June 15th, 2005, 03:45 PM
    I'm with Michael on the lizard shot ... maybe it's the disconnected rear foot that makes it look odd.

    I REALLY like the water lily shot, Josh. The composition is beautiful, with the other lily pads forming a "circle of circles" counterbalance to the flower. Very, very nice ... in fact, probably my favorite of all your posted photos. (not that I have anything against the others)

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  • czar_the_king
    04-16 06:36 PM
    I am planning to use AC21 to change employers. I signed G28 to allow the attorney for my current employer to represent me before USCIS. Since I signed G28, is it possible for my current employer to withdraw my I-485 application?

    Please advise on this...


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  • ps57002
    03-02 11:22 AM
    anyone know????

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  • pmat
    07-23 08:55 AM
    For EB3 case, after receiving the approval for I 140, I know that we have to wait till DOL Proiority Date is current to be able to file for I485.

    If we decide to receive the green card in any consulars overseas, can we just go ahead and file the I485 after getting the I140 approval? (without waiting for PD to be current)

    Any advice would be appreciated?

    I believe that you will have to wait for priority dates to be current even if you go for Consular processing.


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  • robyr77
    04-22 07:16 PM
    Last October I hired a lawyer for an AOS ( I-485 ) and the I-130 and I-131 forms.
    Obviously I did it because I did not have any knowledge about immigration matters.
    In Novembre 2007 he did contact me telling me I needed the I-765 form to legally work in the country, so I did fill the form sending it in his office by mail.
    He told me he sent the form in the first week of December 2007.
    Ok now this is the situation :
    I never get by mail the notice of action about the form I-765 and what concern me the most is that I still did not get the permit to work.
    I periodically check the processing time cases from the USCIS' website, and I have seen that USCIS (NEW YORK area ) already processed the I-765 forms for the complete month of December, does anyone know if Uscis is having problem processing EADs....I am really worried that something did not go through... probably it's just normal to have so many questions but recently I think about that all the time.
    Oh guys one more thing...I paid this lawyer thousand and thousand of dollars.
    I realized reading the USCIS website that if you fill the form I-485 you are not required to pay the $ 340 fee for the I-765 form . Last November he asked me to send him a check for the EAD fee. When I told him that last time i spoke with him by phone he said he did know that , then he told me that he just had moved from his old office to a new one so my case was in storage, in storage ?? My case is still pending and he put it in storage, i am so disappointed ...unbelievable this lack of professionality.
    I should have do it by myself at least now I would have money to buy a nice used car.
    Thank you all for reading

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  • nagu
    02-26 07:07 PM
    On this case, I am getting mixed anwsers

    Employer's lawyer is saying that i can continue to work since have valid I-94 and they are going to appeal. Lawyer called USCIS officers and USCIS officers confirmed this ( !!!).

    Second lawyer is saying that i should stop working on denied petition.

    Once you apply for appeal or motion your H1B peition status changed from 'Denied' to 'Pending' and you may continue to work for employer. - this is my guess

    In fact, I am planning to get advice from murhty too...

    Any thoughts on this.


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  • samrat_bhargava_vihari
    06-25 01:50 PM
    When we use the recent I94 (from the H1), do we need to say "were you inspected by an immigration officer?" as "yes"?
    The start date for this should be the date of entry at the airport or the start date on the recent I94?
    First question answer is "Yes" though you got new H1/H4 or any other visa extension papers the I-94 will be same which intially inspected by an immigration officer. That's why answer is Yes.
    The start date is the time when you enter the country.

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  • abhisam
    08-22 02:01 AM
    Hi All,

    A warm hello from the newly formed University Relations Committee - IV SoCal Chapter. The University Relations Committee will be responsible for educating university students about the advantages for them to join the IV efforts early on and increase our membership with active members from various universities.

    So if any of you think you can add a whole lot to this group, please feel free to reply back or PM me and I will add you to the group.

    - Abhisam


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  • a_yaja
    06-25 02:11 PM

    How to create the new thread?

    Have you ever visited the "Forums" section of IV?

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  • Soltan
    11-23 03:21 AM
    Hi, my I94 expires on Nov 28th and my current employer is having issues in applying for transfer (they applied but without proper documents and it is still pending). I know I can continue to work based on the extension receipt they have even after Nov 28th.

    I have some questions in the scenario that this application of extension (old employer) is denied after Nov 28th say on Dec 10th:

    1) If a new employer applies for H1b transfer before Nov 28th and I get a rejection on Dec10th (with old one), can I immediately switch to the new employer (based on their transfer receipt) and continue work with the new one?

    2) If the new employer is unable to apply before Nov28th (with holidays coming up), but say applies on Dec5th. Now if I get a rejection with old employer on Dec10th, can I switch to new employer on Dec10th and continue working (even though they applied for transfer after my I94 expiration but while my stay was legal) ?

    Appreciate your responses at this crucial time.


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  • cloud 9
    06-16 06:30 PM
    If you do take FOIA route, it will take at least 8-10 months to get the documents. So, better do it ASAP.

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  • mckottayam
    08-05 09:10 PM
    I always carry a letter from Employer and I was asked once at Chicago. The letter says I am employed from this day, my job title, salary, visa status and they expect me to return to the employment after the trip. Hope this helps.


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  • bbenhill
    08-18 09:46 AM
    For your condition, I believe for #15 is AOS pending .. you will lose your H1/H4 status when you entered using AP.

    not sure about #14, I think it's PAROLEE.



    I looked at different forums. But I could not locate a definite answer for my questions.

    I have H1. My wife has H4. Both will expire in 11/2009. I don't have stamp
    but she has stamp. We both used AP to enter into USA recently. We did not use our EAD.

    Questions on EAD paper filing :

    14) Manner of Last Entry into the U.S. ?
    15) Current Immigration status ?

    I believe that the answer to the question 14 should be PAROLEE or Advance Porole. How about question 15 ?

    The immigration officer put 'Conditions: AOS DA' in our AP and new I-94 both. What will be the answer, AOS Pending or H1B/H4 ?

    Please share your experience. Thanks in advance.

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  • greyhair
    02-22 05:51 PM
    Thanks snathan for posting the link. Great info! I came across another news article on Bloom box today.

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  • lecter
    January 17th, 2005, 08:42 AM
    Fred, try some pictures with the kids looking away, perhaps throwing her hair back and laughing, get him to point at the source of the mirth, that kind of thing. Then you have a different portrait..

    How to establish " successor in interest" in my case? [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : How to establish " successor in interest" in my case?

    05-18 12:48 AM
    Check your I-140 approval notice for priority date..

    08-09 03:19 PM
    But my lawyer chose this. and I already signed the form. Does it really matter? As he stated " Spose has an approved I-140"

    I'm sure you'll be okay. All they want to know is the basis of your eligibility for filing I-485 and choosing (h) and adding this explanation should be fine.

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