Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • nishant2200
    12-04 01:38 AM
    I would suggest googling for the Indian consulate in your jurisdiction. Although most indian consul websites are confusing and really difficult, so good luck.

    btw, if your daughter was born in India, but she is here with you, how did she enter USA without a passport.

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  • Ind-Can
    01-05 12:35 PM
    Thanks for the reply Pandey.

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  • JunRN
    08-31 07:32 PM
    Look at shows that most July filers are receiving notices already.

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  • chris
    10-17 11:11 AM
    Thanks eilsoe,
    I was following a tutorial that was for photoshop 7 and all was going well untill it said to drag the "grid channel" onto the "load channel as a section"...!!!

    But any way I tried it your way and it worked fine so thanks a lot I've been trying to figure it out all day.:bandit:


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  • fromnaija
    08-25 01:29 PM
    Sorry, my bad. I didn't check the forum area I was in. Yes you are right, people can ask the lawyers any immigration-related question.

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  • ashatara78
    09-17 12:53 PM
    Ah. It doesn't end even if you get the GC! I agree with the others - go for the interview fully prepared with all the documents including your GC. Even though you have the feeling "what if they revoke it?", it is best to comply with the laws and respect the interview notice.

    You can call them up or infopass if you have some time before the interview.


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  • emailrob
    10-27 03:48 PM
    Well they could hurry up and approve my eb1-c that's been pending for 8 months despite them saying 4 is their target! I can't see how they can say not enough applications when they are way off their targets for poor souls like me. I've put in an SR so we'll see what happens

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  • eastindia
    03-06 10:59 AM
    now suddenly I got "Red". don't know what's the bloody reason.

    Maybe because you posted in the wrong forum.

    Was your post a question for lawyers?


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  • kirupa
    03-17 09:46 PM
    Hey gaurav - I double checked with a few colleagues, and this is a WPF issue. Unfortunately, there isn't a good workaround at this time. My only suggestion would be to not use those abnormally wide fonts at large text sizes :P

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  • Dhundhun
    10-08 04:05 AM
    How come someone with Indian Passport enter USA on Canadian PR?


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  • rajeshiv
    07-24 11:43 AM
    Can please someone help me? Thanks

    Are you on which company payroll?


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  • allen_1974
    01-21 11:11 PM
    Pls reply.



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  • ImmInd
    01-12 10:13 AM
    My H1B Extn is pending at VSC since Nov 2008 and have same issue from day one. Looks like, some issues for some service centre applications via online.

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  • guest1978
    12-10 04:18 PM
    i believe this would be a problem. I had a similar mistake(address) on my wife's AP, but the lawyer responded saying name could be an issue but not the address..

    we applied ap in octoer and we got receipt on oct 24th but we found a typo error on my daughters receipt instead of 'ekthasruthi sakala' it was ektha sakala' will it be a problem at the port of entry . please suggest me.


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  • eb3retro
    09-02 11:55 AM
    As much as I know, Lot of Philippino friends are also struck and suffer in retrogression. Is there any yahoo group or philippino chapter for them? Will they be joining the rally??

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  • sunny1000
    12-02 05:39 PM

    I did some search at the "Immigration and customs enforcement" website and got the below links that may help you. You can even call them to find out the answers you are looking for.

    Hope everything works out for the kids. God bless.

    What type of information will I need to visit a detainee in a detention facility?
    A government-issued photo identification or other identification when photo identification is unavailable for religious reasons is required to visit a detention facility. However, you should contact the detention facility you plan to visit in order to find out what their policies and regulations are regarding visitation.


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  • factoryman
    06-19 11:00 PM
    supplemental 693. No brainer. All do.

    Did anyone's doctor attach the following supplement to their application or am I the only one ?

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  • Blog Feeds
    09-08 09:50 AM
    AILA Leadership Has Just Posted the Following:

    Right now, the DHS is in the middle of its Quadrennial review, where, apparently all areas that DHS works on are subject to public comment and discussion. If you go to this page ( you can comment directly on a variety of DHS, including immigration issues. We understand that these comments are given directly to those in the highest levels of office at DHS.

    Very few folks have been aware of this opportunity. Probably most important is the way this administration has phrased the debate: "Smart and Tough Enforcement of Immigration Laws - Ideas." ( I invite all AILA members to be part of this public debate. Click on the above links, make your comment and demand real immigration reform, not twisted and ill-directed "enforcement" whose only purpose is to convince congressman who will still never vote for positive immigration reform to actually do so.

    More... (

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  • pa_arora
    06-25 01:45 PM
    When we use the recent I94 (from the H1), do we need to say "were you inspected by an immigration officer?" as "yes"?
    The start date for this should be the date of entry at the airport or the start date on the recent I94?

    You were inspected by the immigration officer thats how you got the I94, there is no I-94 vending machines out there, atleast that I know of.

    Your second question is not clear. Ur Date of Entry is ur start date of the I-94, so whats the question.

    10-08 03:42 PM
    bump ^^^

    07-14 01:00 PM
    HI Gurus,

    I need advice from you guys,

    My priority date is June 2005 (EB2) and my I-485 receipt date is July 7th 2007 at TSC

    My questions regarding Writ of Mandamus are
    1. Would I be qualified to file for Writ of Mandamus (WOM)?
    2. If I am qualified, would it be of any benefit for me to file WOM based on my criteria as
    detailed above?

    Thanks a lot.

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